Ohio Coin Extravaganza

What are My Coins Worth?

Finding the Value of Your Coins

If you are interested in selling your coins, Pete Mcbane would be more than willing to give you a quote on the value of your coins. You can bring your coins to the Extravaganza and Pete or Diana will personally give you a quote.

You can also email Pete a description of your coins at the following email. Pmcbane@ohiocoin.com    However, it is very hard to get an accurate value of your coins by simply describing them in an email. It may take a few emails to find out more details about your coins.

Many of the dealers at the Ohio Coin Extravaganza are happy to tell you about your coins and give you an approximate worth for the coins.

Buy, Sell, Trade your gold, silver, or platinum items at the show. Huge selection of gold and silver coins will be present at the event.

Numismatic Experts Gather

Where else can you find such a gathering of knowledge experts as the Ohio Coin Extravaganza. Dealers from all over the country will be at this show. Many dealers have spent their entire lives in their particular coin / numismatic field. Ask questions from people who truly know the answers. Get advice from real professionals. Learn about the coins Grandpa gave you. The Ohio Coin Extravaganza has over 100 dealers with generations of coin knowledge. Don't miss your chance to speak with these professional dealers.



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