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Get a Reminder Sent To You in an Email About the Next Show

If you would like us to send you out a reminder about the next Ohio Extravaganza show, just send us an email with your name and the email address you want the notification delivered to.

We will send you out an email as a reminder 3 weeks priort to the show.

You can use the hyper link provided to email us.

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Numismatic Experts Gather

Where else can you find such a gathering of knowledge experts as the Ohio Coin Extravaganza. Dealers from all over the country will be at this show. Many dealers have spent their entire lives in their particular coin / numismatic field. Ask questions from people who truly know the answers. Get advice from real professionals. Learn about the coins Grandpa gave you. The Ohio Coin Extravaganza has over 100 dealers with generations of coin knowledge. Don't miss your chance to speak with these professional dealers.



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